Luxand Cloud Camera:
Video Analytics for Retail

Starting at $99/month
How it works?
Your audience analytics
Set up a Luxand Cloud Camera in your store and start analyzing your customer's information: gender, age, emotion, etc.
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Loyalty program
Luxand camera will recognize people who have already been in your store and show you how often they visit your store, so you can offer them the appropriate incentives and accommodations. Those people don't have to keep their loyalty card with them and you can track them much easier.
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Entrance tracking
Now you can see when specific customers enter your store or your employees come to work. Receive notifications on your iPhone or see the visitors report in a dashboard.
Super easy to start
Plug in the camera.
Plug in to power and enter your WiFi details. That's it.
Check out your dashboard.
Right away you'll see valuable information about your customers: gender, age, emotion. Review from anywhere — desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Get notifications.
Get notified when VIP customers or specific employees walk in, via text message, email, or phone call.
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