Face recognition documentation

Choose the case you are going to use Luxand.cloud and the programming language. We have instructions for most cases.

  • Face detection
    Face detection
    Detect gender and age of people in a photo
  • Face recognition
    Face recognition
    Recognize who is in an image ("Who is this?")
  • Face verification
    Face verification
    Make sure the person is present in an image ("Is this Steve?")
  • Emotion recognition
    Emotion recognition
    Recognize emotions of people in a photo
  • Landmarks detection
    Landmarks detection
    Recognize 70 points grouped by face parts
  • Liveness detection
    Liveness detection
    Prevent fraud and ensure the authenticity of user identity
  • Face cropping
    Face cropping
    Crop facial images from larger photos
  • Face similarity
    Face similarity
    Check how similar two faces
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