Face database

Create your own face database,
upload photos and organise faces, search people by this database

Face database features

The ways you can use the face database

Cosmin Negoita

Upload faces to the cloud

Upload faces and connect them to persons. Upload photos with many people. All the faces will be recognised and connected to already added persons on the database.

Detect age and gender

All the faces are automatically marked with age, gender, emotion and face features.

Search people by the face

Search people in your database using their photo. The more photos of the person you have, the more accurate is search.

API access to your database

Connect to your database using Luxand.cloud API and use all the features like face verifications and face recognition

Organise into collections

Organise people in your database into collections like business teams, orgranizations, etc

Implement to your business

Use this database for attendance, or face verification. We will help you to implement that to your business.