Face recognition widget for your website
Double up your website security with facial recognition using regular laptop camera. Authenticate your website users with their faces.
Secure, easy to install, and free.
How does it work?
1. Install the widget
After registration you'll receive the code you need to add to your login page.
2. Turn on face authentication
Your user turns on face authentication in their personal cabinet and adds their face template to the database.
3. Sign in using the face
Your customers can now login using their faces!
Choose your plan
  • Face recognition widget
  • 2-FA (face as a second factor)
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Unlimited users
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  • On-premise option
  • Widget customization
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Luxand Customers
How reliable is the technology? Is it protected from false positives?
We follow these rules to avoid false positives:

1. We use a very strict threshold for face recognition. This means your neural network will be 100% confident that it's the same person.

2. We employ more than just facial recognition: we also check the IP-address, unique hardware codes, and in some cases even PIN codes.

3. We use anti-spoof check. This guarantees that it's the real person in front of the camera so it's not possible to use a photo to access the account.
Do you store customers personal photos?
We do not store any personal photos. We store "templates" extracted from photos. It is not possible to restore the photo from this template.

We also use strong SSL/TLS encryption so data can't be intercepted by a third party.

The widget is GDPR-compliant.
How does this widget recognize my customers?
Before using facial recognition, users have to turn on the feature. Then they take a selfie and save their face template to the database.

The next time that user wants to login they'll be able to use their face to do so.
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