26 мар. 2024

How to Choose a Device for Time Attendance or Access Control Systems Based on Face Recognition

Luxand.cloud offers ready-to-use solutions for access control and time attendance systems. To integrate this solution, you'll need a face recognition device connected to the system.

Currently, the market has a variety of effective and advantageous options suitable for turnkey solutions. This article will explore the pros and cons of such options.

Smartphones and Tablets

The simplest method is using an Android smartphone or tablet. It can be mounted on a wall, allowing every visitor to approach and authenticate themselves.


  • No need for an additional device like a computer. The smartphone or tablet's processor is sufficient for preliminary face evaluation.

  • Internet access enables the device to send visitation information to your dashboard, allowing you to see when someone enters the space immediately.

  • Visitors can see themselves on the camera and adjust their distance for quicker recognition.

  • Mounting the phone or tablet on a wall creates a stylish and futuristic recognition system.


  • The quality of the front camera improves with the price. High-quality recognition requires a smartphone with a decent front camera.

  • Continuous power supply is needed to keep the smartphone operational, which must be arranged separately.

Desktop Computer with a Webcam

This more advanced and costlier option offers more benefits and is typically used in customs where you're asked to look into a camera.


  • If the camera is separate, it can be positioned away from the visitor, while security maintains control, displaying the visitor's card upon recognition.

  • Placing a computer at the office reception or fitness center reception makes for a convenient and stylish recognition method. The software guides the user for optimal positioning.

  • Ensuring constant power and internet for desktop computers is usually easier.

  • Purchasing a quality webcam separately is more cost-effective than buying a smartphone.


  • If the camera is separate from the computer and faces the person, they won't see their image to adjust their position.

IP Camera with its Own Internet

This advanced option is also suited for passive monitoring, requiring no active participation from the person being recognized. High-resolution cameras are installed at entrances to capture every incoming person.


  • High-quality face recognition can reliably identify individuals.

  • No additional equipment like a computer is needed.

  • Allows for passive recognition without needing people to position their faces within a frame.


  • A good network connection is necessary if data are sent to your local server, and internet access is required if you're streaming the video to Luxand.


Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose solutions ranging from a $100 Android smartphone to a $20,000 high-quality IP camera. Begin by considering your requirements and budget.

Regardless of your choice, any option can be integrated with Luxand.cloud. If you need assistance selecting a solution or are ready to connect, contact us at info@luxand.cloud, and we'll help you swiftly.