Face recognition API

Integrate Face Recognition using our cloud API. Detect and compare human faces. Identify previously tagged people in images. Recognize age, gender, and emotions in the photo.

Why to prefer facial recognition API over SDK?

Feel the difference

Secure storage in a cloud

It's useful if you need a face database for different devices or services. We do not store any photos, only neural network templates that can't be used to restore photos, so it's very safe to use.

Programming languages support

Face recognition API supports all the programming languages that can perform API requests. We have code examples for most of them, so you can just copy the code and paste it into your project.

High performance

We use High CPU in our cloud servers. It guarantees the maximum performance for all the features we provide. For instance, facial recognition takes only 60ms.

Way cheaper than SDK

The cheapest plan is only $9/month. You'll have 10,000 requests included. It's one of the most cost-efficient solutions in a market right now.

Highly scalable solution

You can perform as many facial recognition requests as you need. We scale the cloud with your needs. If you handle tons of photos, it's a great solution.

Ready cases

We implemented the most-useful cases in oAPI, so you can just send a request and get a response. No need to think about storage and algorithms.

Facial Recognition Solution
In case you are searching for an on-premise facial recognition solution, Luxand FaceSDK is the best option. FaceSDK enables Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, Java, VB, Delphi and Python developers to build 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Web, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.
FaceSDK running on your servers gives you full control of face recognition functionality - from face detection and identification to thermal face detection and liveness detection.

Facial recognition FAQ

Is AI used in face recognition?

Some aspect of AI has undoubtedly been used in the development of facial recognition. It is a form of biometric software that displays and preserves an individual’s facial features as a face print. To check one’s identification, the software compares a live image data to a stored face print using deep learning algorithms. The pillars of this technology are image processing and machine learning.

How accurate is the face recognition?

Luxand facial recognition API have near-perfect accuracy. Verification algorithms used to match subjects to clear reference images (like a passport photo or mugshot) can achieve accuracy scores as high as 99.97% on standard assessments like NIST’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). This is comparable to the best results of iris scanners. This kind of face verification has become so reliable that even banks feel comfortable relying on it to log users into their accounts.

Is Luxand face recognition API secure?

Yes. High level encryption and tokenization of sensitive data are standard practices at Luxand.Cloud. Our database is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 2048 bit SSL encryption for all data in transit and AES-128 XTS encryption at rest for customers’ face templates and AES-256 for all backups and image storage. All of the transactions you submit to our API is through a user-generated key. The key you generate authorizes the engine to perform tasks on your behalf.

Payments are processed through our partner Stripe. We never see your credit card details.

Is my information private?

Yes it is. We do not use any personally identifiable information, and any face template data we create cannot be reverse engineered. Your image classification in the API only needs to make sense to you. This means you can use anonymous or tokenized identifiers instead of personal data such as employee numbers. For added peace of mind we highly-recommend our On-Premises edition, giving you ultimate control over your data and networks.

What is the criterion for facial recognition?

Face recognition API employs computer algorithms to identify unique, distinguishing features on a person’s face. These data, such as eye range or jaw shape, are then transformed into a mathematical representation and contrasted to data from other faces in a face recognition database.

How fast does facial recognition work?

Our algorithm can now query vast databases a rate of 100 million images in just one-tenth of a second. As a result, our customers can now receive alerts in real time.

What are "face templates"?

Each time you enroll a face into the API, it extracts the facial features, generating a template of the features as a random alphanumeric string of code. This anonymizes the facial data therein and the template cannot be reverse engineered back into a photo. When you compare faces in our system, you are actually comparing templates. So, each enrolled face counts as 1 template.

How does the Luxand.Cloud face recognition work?

1. You submit images into our API.
2. We find all the faces and return detailed facial information back in the form of code objects (JSON).

These results include feature points, age, gender, ethnicity, and a ton of other useful data about the human face.

You can also create galleries of faces from your images and videos to be used later for face verification or identification ("face recognition").
All of the transactions you submit is through a user-generated API key. The API key you generate authorizes the engine to perform tasks on your behalf.