Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Using API

Do you have On-premise version?
How to use API Key?
Is API available offline?
How to use face recognition api in android app?

How do I use a picture on the API?
Do you have liveness check?
How does your system work with dark skinned face recognition?
What can I do with Luxand API? What are all possible applications?
Do you have code sample for swift?

Video recognition

I want to have live video gender and age recognition, how can I configure my ip webcam for that purpose?
Does the API recognizes photo or recorded video?

Facial recognition widget

How to setup signup with face on a website?
Is your widget resizable?
Do you offer a Whitelabel solution?


Do you have a partners program?

Plans and payments

How to test the product?
Do we pay monthly or annually?
Do you have any trail plan for students?
How to activate subscription plan?
What is the price of API?
Please cancel my subscription.
How to unsubscribe from your mailings?

Signing in

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