Emotion Detection with JavaScript

Luxand.cloud provides an emotion recognition API that can analyze facial features like eyebrows and mouth shapes to infer emotional states in images and videos. Our API is designed for seamless integration with JavaScript applications.
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Supported Certificates

iBeta stands as the premier biometrics testing company and a globally renowned quality assurance provider, offering industry certification and software testing services to companies worldwide.

In order to provide the best liveness detection solution, Luxand.cloud's liveness detection technology is certified and has passed Level 1 and Level 2 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) conformance testing with a perfect PAD score.

Building Emotion
Recognition Applications with JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language for building emotion recognition applications since JavaScript is known for its versatility. It thrives in various environments, from web browsers to mobile devices through frameworks like React Native. This flexibility allows you to create emotion recognition apps accessible on a wide range of platforms.

JavaScript is the go-to language for building emotion recognition apps in the browser. Such browser-based apps can interact smoothly with web features like webcam access, allowing for real-time analysis of facial expressions.

Emotion Recognition Use Cases

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Emotion recognition may be a useful tool for diagnosing and monitoring depression and other mental health conditions by analyzing facial expressions for signs of distress or low mood.
Emotion detection APIs can be used to improve user experiences in a range of industries, including as gaming and entertainment, by personalizing experiences and content according to the user's emotional state.

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Mental health
Emotion detection API can be used to create special effects and filters for photos and videos. For example, a filter may be based on users emotions.
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Improve user experiences

Emotion Recognition API Benefits

Emotion recognition technology is based on the premise that human emotions can be expressed through facial expressions, and that these expressions can be recognized and classified using machine learning algorithms.
Luxand.cloud's emotion recognition API is cloud-based. So you don't need to manage infrastructure or servers in order to effortlessly integrate our API into your app.
You can create your software or app using the Luxand.cloud emotion recognition API for free! Sign up to receive 500 API queries per month.
Luxand.cloud's emotion recognition is based on machine learning algorithms, which means it can be trained on massive datasets of faces.
Our cloud servers' powerful CPUs ensure optimal performance for every feature we provide. For instance, face recognition just needs 60 milliseconds.
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