28 февр. 2024

How Facial Recognition can be used with Blockchain (A Look at the Future)

As technology advances, businesses are continuously on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance security. One exciting future trend lies in combining facial recognition technology with blockchain. While each offers valuable benefits individually, their fusion unlocks a new level of security, control, and convenience, redefining how businesses safeguard assets and verify user identities.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the potential of this convergence. We'll explore how facial recognition can be enhanced by the security and transparency of blockchain, discuss potential applications, and explore how Luxand.cloud can help.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital database of information that records all transactions that have ever been made. All records in the blockchain are presented in the form of blocks, which are linked together with special keys. Each new block contains data about the previous block.

Blockchain is used to store and transmit digital data. This can be both financial and non-financial assets (such as images or objects in the video game industry). Blockchain technology allows an asset to be assigned unique information about its ownership by a specific person. At the same time, such information cannot be forged, deleted, or changed unnoticed.

Blockchain is used in various areas: cryptocurrency, digital currency, NFT, iGaming. These industries are sensitive that’s why robust security measures are required due to their inherent vulnerability to financial crimes such as money laundering. This is where blockchainand facial recognition technology play a crucial role. Below you’ll find how can you combine facial recognition and blockchain to improve your business or create a new approach in your sphere.

Potential Applications

Facial recognition technology has the potential to be used in conjunction with blockchain technology to enhance security and privacy in various applications.

Secure Decentralized Identity Management

Combining facial recognition with blockchain technology has the potential to create a more secure and user-controlled ecosystem. While traditional facial recognition systems store facial data as biometric templates in centralized databases, blockchain offers an alternative: users can store hashed versions of their facial data, which are unique mathematical representations that do not reveal the original image. This approach allows businesses to verify users' identities without ever having access to their actual biometric information, significantly enhancing privacy and security.

Enhanced KYC processes

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process businesses use to verify the identity and legitimacy of a customer before offering them services or conducting transactions. Implementing face recognition to the KYC process helps prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. Businesses can use this combination of technologies to streamline and secure KYC processes, for example, users can submit their facial data for verification against their hashed data on the blockchain, ensuring customer identity verification while adhering to privacy regulations.

Secure Access to Crypto Wallets

Facial recognition and blockchain can enhance identity verification for sensitive actions. To gain remote account access or authorize high-value financial transactions, users can undergo a two-factor authentication process where their face is scanned and compared to their hashed facial data stored on the blockchain.

Facial Biometrics and Blockchain Combination Benefits

  • Stronger authentication. Facial recognition can be used as a secondary verification factor of multi-factor authentication, adding another layer of security to access control and financial transactions. Even if credentials are compromised, this reduces the risk of unauthorized access since facial features are unique and it’s difficult to get access. 

  • Improved privacy. By leveraging facial recognition, businesses can minimize the dependence on passwords or PINs since they can be forgotten by a user or stolen but facial features can be stolen even if a fraudulent creates a mask or shows a photo to the system. Not only the facial recognition technology can be checked but also liveness detection to determine whether a shown face is real or a spoof.

  • Increased user control. Facial recognition on the blockchain empowers users to manage their digital identities without relying on centralized authorities. This fosters greater control and autonomy over personal information. Decentralized identity solutions, powered by facial biometric blockchain technology, offer a secure and privacy-focused alternative. Your clients and users can gain unprecedented control over their personal data, fostering trust and empowering a self-sovereign identity.

How Luxand.cloud can Help

Even though the article is called "How Facial Recognition can be used with Blockchain (A Look at the Future)," you can improve your business security now using Luxand.cloud face recognition and liveness detection API. Here are some points on how Luxand.cloud can help.

Deter Fraud

With Luxand.cloud KYC software, you can easily build automated KYC and integrate our software with or without engineers. Provided ready-to-use templates for KYC onboarding making creating logic to determine what can be automatically approved or denied effortless. You can customize everything in your verification flows, collection methods, user experience, and friction points.

Facial Recognition API

If you're a developer searching for a cloud-based facial recognition API, Luxand.cloud API is the best choice. To use our facial recognition API, simply sign up for an account. Once you have created your account, you can use your preferred programming language to call the API's methods and provide the required parameters. The API will then process the input and return facial recognition results, which can be seamlessly integrated into your application's functionality.

Learn more about interating facial recognition API into your app here: How to Build Facial Recognition Application with Python

Liveness Verification

Luxand.cloud provides liveness detection API to combat fraud and ensure the user is physically present. We achieve this by employing advanced algorithms to analyze video or image inputs, looking for signs of life such as movement, blinking, and facial expressions. This prevents attackers from using photos or videos to impersonate someone else.

Learn more about how Luxand.cloud benefits the crypto industry here: Crypto Identity Verification.


Facial recognition and blockchain empower businesses with the ability to securely and conveniently verify their clients identities while maintaining control over the personal data. It fosters trust and opens doors to innovative applications across diverse industries.