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Biometric Authentication Solution

Luxand.cloud offers a ready-to-use authentication system built around facial recognition. It can be used for many cases like 2FA, passwordless logins, and secure high-risk transactions to simplify user experience and boost security. For developers, Luxand.cloud provides a powerful facial recognition API that can be easily integrated into your app or software.

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Biometric Authentication Use Cases

  • Passwordless authentication

    Biometrics offer a secure and convenient alternative to passwords for accessing users’ bank account. It boosts not only the user experience, but also persocal data protection.

  • High-risk transactions

    Biometric verification goes beyond traditional methods, adding an extra layer of security that safeguards valuable assets and ensures data privacy during critical transactions.

  • Secondary authentication

    Securing sensitive information demands more than passwords. Providers who prioritize user trust and data protection leverage secondary authentication methods as their first line of defense.

  • Password resets

    Biometric verification lets your users reset passwords with a selfie that’s more secure and convenient.

  • Replace KBA

    Recalling obscure facts or creating strong, unique passwords for every site can be a hassle. Luxand.cloud’s authentication solutions will help you replace outdated KBA methods.

  • Improve accessibility

    Biometrics can be a boon for people with disabilities who struggle with remembering passwords or typing.

How Luxand.cloud Works

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
1-3 seconds

Based on the use case, at the first step, your users want to log into their account or perform a high-risk operation

Users are asked to capture a live image. The Luxand.cloud system checks the liveness and compares the photo to your stored reference image.

The system analyzes the captured image, extracting and comparing key facial features. If the features match the reference image within a set threshold, access is granted!

average time for passive liveness detection verification, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Luxand.cloud technology can be used for various cases, such as passwordless logins and secure high-risk scenarios. Below, we describe how our facial recognition technology works in 2FA.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

$1.7 billion
$57 million
1-3 seconds

biometric authentication could save financial institutions $1.7 billion in fraud losses by 2026

2FA makes phishing scams significantly less effective, as attackers need more than just a stolen password to gain access.

biometric authentication can save businesses $57 million per year in security breach costs

average time for passive liveness detection verification, ensuring a smooth user experience.

decrease in manual review workload for KYC teams due to automated face recognition systems.