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Facial Recognition with JavaScript's facial recognition API offers a straightforward way to integrate this technology into your existing system or build a JavaScript application with face recognition capabilities.
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Supported Certificates

iBeta stands as the premier biometrics testing company and a globally renowned quality assurance provider, offering industry certification and software testing services to companies worldwide.

In order to provide the best liveness detection solution,'s liveness detection technology is certified and has passed Level 1 and Level 2 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) conformance testing with a perfect PAD score.

Building Facial Recognition Applications with JavaScript

Developers choose JavaScript for building facial recognition applications for a variety of reasons that underscore its flexibility, broad support, and powerful capabilities within modern web environments.

JavaScript's ability to handle asynchronous processing and its event-driven architecture make it suitable for real-time applications, such as facial recognition. This is critical for analyzing video streams or rapidly processing images captured from webcams. JavaScript can perform these tasks while maintaining a responsive user interface, crucial for applications that require immediate feedback based on facial recognition analysis.

JavaScript runs natively in web browsers, making it inherently cross-platform. This means that applications built with JavaScript can be used on any device with a web browser, from smartphones to desktop computers, without requiring any additional software installation. This universal compatibility is particularly advantageous for facial recognition apps, which benefit from being easily accessible across different devices and operating systems.

Face Recognition Use Cases

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Online marketplace security can be greatly enhanced by facial recognition technology, which authenticates consumers and sellers during crucial interactions like high-value transactions, account creation, and login. Marketplaces can minimize the risk of fraud by requiring a facial scan to verify a user's identity.
Online gambling platforms utilize facial recognition software to thwart account sharing, deter cheating, and prevent other malicious activity. Plus, age verification capabilities built into this technology can provide an additional layer of security.
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Banks and other financial institutions utilize facial recognition to improve security and prevent fraud. For instance, to offer an extra layer of security for crucial operations like bill payment and money transfers, mobile banking apps may implement facial recognition API.

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Gambling API Benefits

Free plan offers well-written tutorials, blog posts, and documentation for various programming languages, including JavaScript, that highlight particular use cases and implementation procedures.
The face recognition API from is known for its high level of accuracy; it usually achieves over 99% accuracy in face matching and verification.

High accuracy
The robust CPUs in our cloud servers support optimal performance across all features. For example, our face recognition process takes just 60 milliseconds.
High performance
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