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Age Verification Software

Request Free Demo age verification software built around face detection technology. This function detects human faces in a photo and determines their age and gender. It can be used for different cases, for example, to ensure that content, products, and services intended for adults do not reach minors.

Use cases

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Online gambling platforms are legally bound to restrict access to minors. Age verification ensures compliance with age regulations by preventing underage players from creating accounts or accessing age-restricted gambling activities. Age verification can also prevent unauthorized attempts, safeguarding both the gambling platform and its legitimate users against fraudulent activities and money laundering schemes.
Online dating
Online dating relies heavily on trust and authenticity. By verifying users' ages, face detection verification helps to ensure that profiles are accurate and that users are genuine in their intentions, fostering a more trustworthy dating environment. Plus, age verification prevents minors from creating profiles and interacting with adults, safeguarding them from potential harm.
Underage individuals or individuals with revoked licenses may attempt to register as drivers on carsharing platforms using false information. Age verification can identify discrepancies and prevent these attempts, safeguarding the carsharing company from fraudulent registrations and ensuring that only qualified drivers are operating their vehicles.
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How it works

In the first step, your client wants to create an account
The user is asked to take a selfie to initiate the age verification process. The image is then transmitted to the verification system.
The system compares the estimated age to the platform's age restrictions. If the user is above the minimum age limit, the access will be granted. If the estimated age is below the minimum age, the user is denied access and notified of the age restrictions.
The verification system utilizes facial recognition algorithms to analyze the captured image and extract facial features. These features are then fed into machine learning models that estimate the user's age based on age-related data.
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Age Verification Software Benefits
$1.6 billion

According to the Federal Trade Commission, age verification software can help businesses to prevent fraud by identifying fraudulent users. This can save businesses money on lost revenue, chargebacks, and fees.

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$1,500 per month

Age verification software can help businesses comply with age restrictions and avoid legal challenges. Statistically, this can save businesses $1,500 monthly on legal fees, settlements, and fines.


73% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that is transparent about its data practices. By implementing age verification software, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to protecting the privacy of their users.

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