Identity Verification for Mobility Services

Face recognition demo offers a wide range of solutions to help you streamline driver onboarding for all mobility services, whether they drive a taxi, rent a scooter or bike, or use a car-sharing service.

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Ready-Made Solutions

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Reduce losses, comply with regulations, and protect your customers with today!
Ensure that content, products, and services intended for adults do not reach minors.
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Can be used for various cases, including as a secondary authentication method and in secure high-risk scenarios
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Biometric Authentication
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Face Recognition
for KYC
Use to verify the identity and legitimacy of a customer before offering them services or conducting transactions
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How Benefits the Transportation Industry

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Liveness Detection

Verifying driver identities with liveness checks before they go online can reduce fraud, impersonation, and unauthorized access to platforms, improving security for both drivers and riders.

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Enhanced Driver Verification

Ensure only licensed and authorized drivers use your platform, improving safety and compliance.

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Faster Driver Onboarding

Streamlining identity verification and background checks with liveness detection can significantly reduce onboarding time, potentially enabling new drivers to pick up their first ride faster.

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