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Fraud Detection Solution

Face recognition demo's fraud detection solution, which is based on face recognition and liveness technology, can be used in various use cases, such as preventing account takeover, ensuring KYC compliance, and enhancing border security. Reduce losses, comply with regulations, and protect your customers with today!

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Use Cases

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Financial services
Fraud detection solutions are used in financial services for different cases, for example, to prevent account takeover, KYC compliance, to identify suspicious patterns in high-risk transactions.
Government services
Fraud detection solutions are useful in the government sector, for example, for border control. Face recognition-based solutions make it easier to grant access to secure areas, match individuals to passports or travel documents for faster and more secure verification.
Online gaming platforms use fraud detection to prevent cheating, account sharing, and other forms of abuse. Plus, the age verification technology can be additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized attempts.
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How It Works

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Step 1
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Step 3
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A user takes a selfie and the system extracts facial features like distances between eyes, nose shape, and jawline.
The system checks the liveness and compares the photo to the database.
The system analyzes the captured image, extracting and comparing key facial features. If the features match the reference image within a set threshold, access is granted!
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Fraud Detection Solution Benefits

A study by Accenture found that 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that takes steps to protect their personal information.

$433 billion

According to Experian, businesses lost a staggering $433 billion to fraud in 2023. Implementing a fraud detection solution can significantly reduce these losses.


A study by Aite Group found that merchants using fraud detection solutions saw a 3-5% increase in authorized transactions.

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