Facial Recognition Event Check-In System

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Luxand.cloud's event check-in system is powered by facial recognition technology, streamlining the check-in process and enhancing security measures with seamless, efficient authentication. It helps to expedite entry, minimize queues, and ensure a smooth experience for both event organizers and attendees.

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Use Cases

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Concerts, festivals, and sporting events often see massive crowds. Facial recognition can significantly reduce wait times at entry points, improving crowd control and ensuring a smoother experience for attendees.
Facial recognition can be used to verify the identity of registered attendees, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety and security of exhibitors and attendees alike. This is especially important for expos with high-value products or sensitive information on display.
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Facial recognition can verify attendee identity in seconds, significantly reducing wait times compared to traditional methods like badge scanning or ID checks. This translates to a smoother experience for attendees and less congestion at entry points.
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Trade expositions

How It Works

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At the check-in station, a high-resolution camera captures the attendee's face.
The Luxand.cloud system checks the liveness and compares the photo to the database.
Upon successful verification, the system grants access to the event. If there's no match or the confidence score falls below a certain level, access is denied, and further verification might be required.

Event Check-In System Features

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Our facial recognition event check-in system can be integrated with your reservation system, helping to automatically record tickets and create a smoother, more efficient experience for attendees.
Blacklists can contain individuals who are denied entry due to security concerns, past disruptive behavior, or even unpaid dues. Facial recognition instantly checks attendees against the blacklist, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of everyone at the event.
Our facial recognition system can operate in offline mode, storing pre-registered attendee data locally on the check-in device. Even if the internet goes down, the system can continue to verify identities, preventing long lines and frustration due to connectivity issues.
Offline mode
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Event Check-In System Benefits

$2.1 billion

A study by Juniper Research estimated that facial recognition technology could prevent up to $2.1 billion in fraudulent ticket sales by 2023


A white paper by FaceFirst stated that facial recognition can identify demographics of attendees with 90% accuracy, aiding in future event planning.


Eventbrite survey found that 72% of attendees prioritize a fast and easy check-in process

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