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Reduce losses, comply with regulations, and protect your customers with today!
Ensure that content, products, and services intended for adults do not reach minors.
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Can be used for various cases, including as a secondary authentication method and in secure high-risk scenarios
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Biometric Authentication
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Face Recognition
for KYC
Use to verify the identity and legitimacy of a customer before offering them services or conducting transactions
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How Benefits Marketplaces

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KYC Compliance

The KYC solution helps marketplaces comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations by providing automated identity verification and risk assessment tools.

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Identity Verification solution can be integrated to verify the identities of sellers and customers using facial recognition, helping to prevent fraudulent accounts and unauthorized access.

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Monitor Risk

The solution can analyze facial features and demographics to assess the potential risk associated with individual users. This information could be used to trigger additional verification steps or limit certain actions for high-risk users.

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Streamline Onboarding

Using ready-made solution, you can eliminate the need for manual ID checks, speeding up the checkout process.

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